Opportunity to apprise global community of Nepal's efforts towards peace and democracy-Minister Dr Mahat

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Washington DC (US), Sept 27: Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat has said Nepal received the right opportunity to apprise the international community of the efforts being made towards institutionalizing democracy in the country. Minister Dr. Mahat, who is presently in the US to attend 71st United Nations General Assembly, said this talking to RSS representative Madhukar Adhikari here Tuesday. 

Dr Mahat noted that he had reiterated Nepal's commitment to continue cooperation towards establishing global peace, alleviating poverty, mitigating negative impact of climate change and establishing peace and collaborating to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 

He further shared that the UN positively responded to his demand to allow Nepal Army and Nepal Police to be in the lead position of UN Peacekeeping Mission by acknowledging Nepal's contribution to global peace. The Minister also shared that he had presented same views in a meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon. 


Dr Mahat also shared that General-Secretary Moon said Nepal has been able to explore solutions to complicated issues in collaboration with all stakeholders in line with the constitutional provisions and implementing the constitution. "I explicitly informed the global community that Nepal government would work in the areas of democracy, pluralism, peace, transparency, rule of law and responsive government", Mahat added. The UNSG was happy to know about Nepal's efforts to advance the peace process and extended congratulations for the same. He also urged to complete the remaining works of peace process in a democratic way", Dr. Mahat added. 

The Foreign Minister went on saying that he received an opportunity to participate in several regional meetings of strategic importance during the general assembly and present Nepal's views in the forums. "In the context when there have been no high-level visits from Nepal and US of late, the US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his desire to visit Nepal for which we are putting our efforts to make it happen", the Foreign Affairs Minister said. "I expect a high-level visit from the US to Nepal in the near future." 

Noting that Nepalis in the US are experiencing inconvenience to receive some of the services and facilities, Minister Mahat added, "A need has been felt to establish a consulate office in the western area in order to address the need. We have made up our mind to designate honorary envoys in some US states with high density of Nepali population". Stressing the importance of common view on country's foreign policy, he said, "It is necessary for Nepal to prepare a common blueprint document reflecting country's interests in international forums". 

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal's recent India visit has helped remove some misunderstandings persisting between Nepal and India and also paved the way for the implementation of pending projects signed in the past. RSS