NOA 16th Annual Convention and General Meeting 2017

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Newah Organization of America (NOA) held its successful 16th Annual Convention and General Meeting in Maryland on Saturday, May 27, 2017 with more than 200 participants. The program was well received by a cross-section of the Newah and Nepalese community around from the Washington DC metropolitan area, as well as from Nepal. The convention theme was “Empowering the Younger Generation of Newah.

The program started with Dhimay & Bhusya Baja and a warm welcome by the Pancha Kanyas: Miss Elvisha Pradhan, Miss Nitisha Karmacharya, Miss Kritisha Karmacharya, Miss Sasha Tuladhar, and Miss Roseeta Shrestha. NOA 1st Vice President Mrs. Babita Shrestha and NOA Secretary Mr. Pushkar Prajapati served as emcees and called the meeting to order in stage Special Guests Economic Counselor Embassy of Nepal Mr. Kailash Raj Pokharel, Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker Newah Scholar, Historian and Linguist Mr. Kashinath Tamot, Manka Khala Yela President Mr. Rishi Prasad Shrestha, Former Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University Prof. Kamal Krishna Joshi, World Newah Organization President Mr. Season Shrestha and Newah Organization of America President Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha. Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker Mr. Tamot and Special Guest Mr. Pokharel kindle (Twadewa) traditional oil lamp to inaugurate the 16th NOA Convention & General Meeting, assisted by Mrs. Hari Baba Kayastha. All Dignitaries and guests were welcomed with Khada and Badges assisted by Mrs. Samjhana Shrestha and Mrs. Chhaya Pradhan.

16th Annual Convention & General meeting began with United State National Anthem by Ms. Lochani Tara Shakya, Nepali National Anthem by Ms. Suhana Shahi, Ms. Barsha Parajuli, Ms. Sanskriti Lama and Newah Jagaran song by Mr. Sushil Lal Shrestha. NOA 1st Vice President Mrs. Babita Shrestha has Welcomed all guests and organization representatives, attendees for their continued support, and expressing gratitude to the Special Guests and Chief Guests for travelling to join the Convention & General Meeting. NOA General Secretary Mr. Mahindra Man Singh Pradhan has highlighted the annual activities 2016-2017 and briefed the Chapters activities. Treasurer Mr. Rajesh Lal Shrestha has presented the annual financial report, Past President and Scholarship Program Chairman Mr. Rajesh Shrestha provided updates on the scholarship program at Jagat Sunder Bwonekuthi of Nepal, and Member at large Mr. Yagya Man Shakya has highlighted the brief activities of NOALC and urged all parents to teach Nepal Bhasa at home. NOALC Student Mr. Abhi Dhaubhadel delivered inspiring short speech about Language Class activities and Ms. Lujala Ranjit delivered greetings in Newah language.

Nepalese Embassy representative Economic Counselor Mr. Pokharel has congratulated NOA for 16th Annual Convention & General Meeting and expressed appreciation for the role in preserving and promoting Newah culture, heritage and language in DMV area. Special Guest Manka Khala Yela President Mr. Shrestha has highlighted the history of Newah movement in different era of Nepal.

Special Guest Prof. Joshi has highlighted the importance of Newah Language. WNO President Mr. Shrestha has highlighted the role of NOA towards preserving and promoting Newah Culture in the USA and urged everyone for the continuous support.

Honorable Chief Guest & Key Note Speaker Mr. Kashinath Tamot has delivered an outstanding speech on convention theme “Empowering the Younger Generation of Newah” and he emphasize to preserve of our language and culture for next generation. He has share history of Nepal Bhasa Lipi (alphabet) and its challenges. Newah Organization of America magazine “LASKUS 2017” officially launched jointly by all dignitaries and guests assisted by Mrs. Meeli Dhaubhadel and Mrs. Mahima Shakya. NOA released pre-vedic booklet “The Caruvati Thupa” written by Mr. Kashinath Tamot during convention. This is based on 3rd century BC inscribed brick depicting Kirat period of Nepal found during renovation of Chabahil Stupa. And he has also presented visual sources on second century Inscriptions from Varman Period found in Maligaun & Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal.

NOA President Mr. Shrestha felicitated Mr. Kashinath Tamot with Doshalla ( special shawl) and NOA Honorary Life Membership assisted by Mrs. Chitra Shrestha. NOA also presented with special plaque to Mr. Kashinath Tamot for his lifetime contribution and research on different aspect of Nepal Bhasa, Newah & Nepali civilization. An outstanding service award presented to NOA Founding Member Mr. Hari Man Shrestha for his continuous support and tireless dedication towards NOA. President Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha delivered his last presidential address expressed gratitude to all dignitaries and Guests for coming together to celebrate NOA ‘s 16th Annual Convention & General Meeting 2017. President Shrestha briefly summarized the NOA achievements and recognition received during his leadership and urged all the attendees for their continuous support to newly elected team. NOA Second Vice President Mr. Sushil Lal Shrestha thanked the volunteers for their tireless efforts, the participants, speakers, performers, organization representatives, and the all media outlets for their overwhelming support, Clay Oven Restaurant for catering, DJ K&K for the sound system, Westland Middle School for the venue, Precision Solutions, Inc. for printing Laskus, Eknotech for cover and layout design, Air Zone Travel for name tags, Aero Nepal Travel for event sponsor, Senior Photographer Mr. Rajiv Shrestha for capturing the moment, Mr. Yagya Man Shakya for videography and Mr. Anil Ranjit for Photo Exhibition theme “Festivities of Kathmandu Valley” and all the other contributors.

Panel Discussion was held followed by special presentation and with talk program Moderated by Dr. Sugandha Tuladhar. Guest Speaker Prof. Kamal Krishna Joshi articulated about “Challenges of higher education in Nepal Bhasa”. Similarly Guest Speaker Ms. Supriya Manandhar discussed about “Engaging Newa Youth with Newa Activism”

NOA held an election this year for its 2017-2020 Executive Committee. Election Commission Chair Mr. Hariman Shrestha, Vice-chair Dr. Maheswor Baidya announced the election results and distributed certificates of office to the newly elected Executive Committee. Following are the results for the next three years term:

President - Mrs. Babita Shrestha

1st Vice President - Mr. Pushkar Prajapati

2nd Vice President - Mr. Sushil L. Shrestha

General Secretary - Mr. Mahindra Pradhan

Secretary - Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel

Treasurer - Mr. Rajesh L. Shrestha

Member-At-Large - Mr. Yagya Man Shakya

Member-At-Large – Mrs. Meena Shrestha

Member-At-Large - Mr. Udaya Shrestha

NOA distributed Life membership certificates to all new members. And Appreciation certificates to individual and business endeavor to followings: Mr.& Mrs. Dr. Suresh Shrestha, Mr. & Mrs. Ravi Pradhan, Mr. & Mrs. Ganesh Lal Kayastha, Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Maheswor Baidya, Fenwick Beer & Wine, Clay Oven Restaurant, Air Zone Travel, Aero Nepal Travel, Classic Diamond,,

Emcees Ms. Sabrina Shrestha and Ms. Mila Shrestha kickoff the cultural program with assistance of Ms. Lochani Shakya & Ms. Mala Pradhan after serving delicious Traditional Newah Bhoye (Dinner). The culture program started with popular Newah jhi Newah he juya Newah group song by Mr. Sushil L. Shrestha and Mr. Mahindra Pradhan and music by Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel, Mr. Sudin Amatya & Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha. And show followed by a NOALC student performance showcasing "Dhime & Bhusya" by Ms. Lochani Shakya, Ms. Mala Pradhan, Ms. Bhibhusa Shrestha, Ms.Lujala Ranjit, Ms. Prisha Shrestha, Mr. Manindra Pradhan, Mr. Abhi Dhaubhadel, Mr. Aryan Shrestha, Mr. Alex Shrestha, Mr. Aditya Shakya, Mr. Deven Tuladhar, Mr. Bhidhutam Ranjit. Stage was rocked with outstanding Newari song dance performed by Ms. Nitisha karmacharya, Ms. Kritisha Karmacharya, Newari & Nepali fusion dance by Ms. Pratisha Pradhan, Ms. Rubika Joshi, Nepali & Newari dance by Ms. Barsha Parajuli, Ms. Suhana Shahi, Newari dance by Mrs. Mila Shrestha, American & Newari fusion dance by Ms. Lochani Tara Shakya, Ms. Mala Pradhan, Ms.Lujala Ranjit & Ms. Prisha Shrestha.

A comedy play (Khyala) composed, directed and acted by Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha with friends Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel, Mr. Anil Ranjit, Mr. Sushil Lal Shrestha, Mr. Jim Shrestha, Ms. Mila Shreastha & Mr. Mahindra Pradhan. Local talented singers Mr. Shiva Raj Joshi & Mr. Sughanda Shrestha performed Newah & Nepali songs, followed by traditional musical instrumental performance by Mr. Medhavi Ranjit, Mr. Bhidhutam Ranjit & Mr. Yagya Man Shakya, and beautiful dance performance by Ms. Ayusha Pradhan, also entertained the cultural program. Upcoming Musical Group of Friends presented and closed the program with melodious song by Mr. Kijan Man Shakya, Mr. Kohil Man Shakya, Mr. Ejan Shrestha & Mr. Rajal Lama.

The convention stretched well into the evening and after distribution of appreciation certificate to all participant and program ended with a lot of wonderful new memories.

Mahindra Pradhan
General Secretary
Newah Organization of America